Okay, so if I wanted to go back to school (any school), but no necessarily in a PhD. or MA context would that be possible? Like, if I wanted another undergraduate major or minor, would that mean I’d have to completely start again in an undergraduate program and do general education requirements and be there for four years again?

Because I started at UC Santa Cruz with the intention of doing Psychology and then completely didn’t (I was a dumb freshman). I’ve always been interested in the psychology and the psychology of religions, which is why I did a lot of stuff with ancient religions for my Classical Studies major. And I’m interested in Anthropology as well. If I did continue onto grad school, I’d need these things anyway (which is part of why I was reluctant to continue onto grad school). 

And like, old people came and just took classes but I don’t think they were trying to get actual degrees.

I just kind of feel like I’m working with a blank slate. I’m not good enough at Classics to continue with just Classics (nor do I particularly want to), but I’ve got nothing going for me in terms of stuff I’m actually interested in so to pursue that I’d need to take more classes.

Question mark for answerability?

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can you imagine how fucking hard the storyboard artist mustve been laughing when they made this scene i am just picturing a dorky lil dude hunched over holidng a pencil and losing their damn shit

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Damned good taquitos!

I called the lady from the event planning place, and it seemed to go okay, she wants me to call her next week to set up a time to meet with her. Calling again might be a bit of a horribly frightening experience thing, but I can do it! I’ve done it once before! I didn’t even have to wait 35 minutes to jazz myself up to make the phone call! I just finished my damned taquitos and did it!

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foggy love - this is one of my favorite commissions from last year. i hope you have a great monday!

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I See Fire

Ed Sheeran - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Special Edition]

3635677 plays


I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

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a welsh tradition I think needs to come back is guys spending ages carving a spoon with all these designs and shit on it and giving it to the girl he wants to date how cute is that


This is one of those rare moments where I need a clarifying comma because I swear to god I thought these welsh guys were carving spoons, taking shits on them and then giving them to girls.

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And because of these events, I’ve made the decision that reaching out is the worst and don’t do it and never leave your bed. The end.

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I bought a new friend. (Hint; it’s a vacuum, not a sex toy. Unfortunately).

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A Steve Rogers in uniform appreciation post

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It Looked So Pretty Online But It Fits Me Like A Burlap Sack: A Beginners guide to Plus Sized Shopping

Written by the Author of:

Why Are These Tank Tops $22.50?

All My Shirts Have 3/4 Sleeves

This Fabric is Ugly and Itchy; How Do We Use It Up: The Dark Origins of Fatshion

How Does One Size Up Translate Into A $16 Difference?

And the wildly popular

"Why is Everything Sequined?"

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hipster medusa


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Not a buttplug.

Man, you know what’s lame too? Like I kind of got my hopes up about that couple looking for a bi girl because it almost seemed like they were tiptoeing into the waters of polyamory, which I’m all about or like couple-dating single-ton, which is cool too. But I think they were just stuck with the ‘bi girls like threesomes heh heh’ and just kind of seemed like the fact that I wasn’t going to jump their bones right off the bat was confusing to them.

Like, maybe I like threesomes, but I also like not being treated like a buttplug too, you know?

And the bi girls like threesomes thing is such a cliché that it makes the fact that I think threesomes would be fun and interesting (in a more advanced form than ‘threesome with bi girl heh heh’) moot because it’s  expected of me, rather than something I’d ever be offered.

(this is why I just pretend I’m straight like 98% of the time! now I remember! because of the buttplug feeling).

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