My brother is a tit.

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celestialess told me i don’t have any thor in my art tag and i laughed it off but then i realised it was close to the truth….. so i tried to do something and used my fav tattoo artist for reference

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Who dreams of a son,
save one,
childless, having no bright
face to flatter its own,
who dreams of a son?

Nereids under the sea,
my sisters, fifty and one,
(counting myself)
they dream of a child
of water and sea,
with hair of the softest,
to lie along the curve
of fragile, tiny bones,
yet more beautiful each than each,
hair more bright and long,
to rival its own.

Nereids under the wave,
who dreams of a son
save I, Thetis, alone?

—H.D., from “Thetis”

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Forêt de Brocéliande - Brittany, France

*Arthurian Legend’s mythical forest*

Photo : CRT Bretagne - BERTHIER Emmanuel

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sighs @ own self

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Boring Betsy…

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have even more non-news for you all.

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Kneeling Man Embracing a Standing Woman, Gustav Vigeland

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Do I want to know?

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magic girls fallen stars

they are the cosmos come to rest in bodies of flesh and bone, with supernova eyes and black hole hearts, entire universes trapped inside. sometimes the stars leak through and worlds drip from their fingers like blood. they are careless destruction incarnate, all the secrets of space bound to earth in a form that can barely contain them, and even then not for long.

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next time winter soldier angst is getting you down imagine steve, sam, nat and bucky getting in their jammies and watching pacific rim

sevenpoints:#they proceed to yell ELBOW ROCKET!!!!!!1!!1 in every single fight thereafter #much establishment of mutual drift compatibility #they celebrate their 51st mission with a cake that says 51 DROPS 51 KILLS #bucky gets blue tips in his hair #sam is the one to tell them that the fans have renamed Lady Danger and the original name will no longer be acknowledged #also everyone catcalls at raleigh’s shirtless scene #and makes fun of each other because their abs still don’t look as good as charlie hunnam’s abs #'i have never wanted to lick anyone as much as i want to lick raleigh becket' *THREE SPITTAKES* 'STEVE YOU ASSHOLE WE WERE EATING' #SEVEN AND CAP 2 #SEVEN AND PACIFIC RIM #TAKE WHATEVER THING YOU LOVE AND ADD PAC RIM IT MAKES LITERALLY EVERYTHING BETTER

This is honest to god fucking amazing.

I bless your headcanon right here and now, I can do this, I AM A SAINT!

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PAVONI Resort 2013

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Culinary Classics of Crypto-Lesbian Fiction: Fried Green Tomatoes



Culinary Classics of Crypto-Lesbian Fiction: Fried Green Tomatoes


My favorite lesbian movie, Fried Green Tomatoes, is not even technically a lesbian movie.Technically it’s a movie about two women who live together, raise a child together, defend and love each other, and have sexually-charged food fights in a Totally Heterosexual way. The relationship is a lot less subtextual in the book (although it’s never actually spelled out in the book either, you’ll have to read fanfiction for that), but I’ll always love the movie all the same. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it over the years, as it was a regular feature in the network TV Saturday Afternoon movie line-up throughout my own formative years. It’s also probably the only queer film you can comfortably watch with your foot-washing Baptist granny. While the queer aspect may have been covert, the relationship between Idgie and Ruth was a strong, positive and beautiful one which made a big impression on my own burgeoning yet equally subtextual queer identity. Before I even could fully articulate why, I thought the picnic scene where Idgie pulls out fresh honeycomb from the hive for Ruth was one of the most romantic scenes in film. All I want is someone who is willing to stick their whole arm in a tree full of bees for me. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

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So, NBD, but my first article for Autostraddle just posted:


NBD? It’s a BIG DEAL! A fantastic deal! Congrats! Well done!

Everyone should go and read Ruffle’s (rufflesnotdiets, who also has the best tumblr URL ever) wonderful article/recipe. It’s just charmingly written! And it’s about Fried Green Tomatoes which is just a classic movie and one of those ones that definitely shaped my adolescent years! An excellent read by an excellent person! Check it out!

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Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition [x]

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"Stop setting yourself
on fire for someone who
stays to watch you burn."

Haiku on Perspective | connotativewords | jl (via connotativewords)
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